U Paint Parties for kids
Choose your painting, invite your friends,and have a paint party for your special day!

Your party will include an 11x14 wrapped canvas and supplies for each guest. 
Cost: ages 5-11 $25 per guest
           ages 12-15  $35 per guest  
        ($100 deposit required/$275 minimum)

Parents: You are welcome to arrive 30 minutes early to set-up for 
refreshments & gifts. You will have 2 hours (ages 5-11) or 2.5 hours (ages 12-15) allotted for your party. The first half will be for painting & the second half for refreshments and gifts. You will need to remove the trash before departing.

Call or email to reserve your special day!
(256) 508-9663
We will create a picture just for you!
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